John Edgar Thomson Foundation

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The purpose of the John Edgar Thomson Foundation is to assist daughters of railroad employees who die while in the employ of any railroad in the United States. The Foundation provides limited financial aid through monthly allowances and subsidies for eye examinations, dental care, and certain other health and recreational needs. High school graduates receive monetary gifts to help with extra costs. This supplement to family income is to be used in its entirety for the benefit of the daughters. Whatever grant is accorded, however, usually serves to benefit all members of the family.

In order to qualify for a grant of financial assistance from the Foundation, the daughter must live in the home of the surviving parent or guardian (unless attending college full-time and living on campus), maintain a good health program, and receive satisfactory academic grades. Each grantee is encouraged to participate in religious services of her faith.
The goal of the Foundation is to assist the surviving family and enable the daughters to mature into responsible individuals. The Foundation encourages each grantee to pursue her education as far as capabilities and interests permit and to cultivate good health habits in the belief that such encouragement will aid her in achieving a richer, more fulfilling life.

Eligibility is dependent upon the daughter and parent remaining unmarried. The monthly grant, assuming continued eligibility, may cover the period from birth to age 18 or, under certain circumstances, to age 24 to assist the daughter in pursuing a higher educational goal. The size of the grant depends upon the family’s financial need. The grant may be terminated at any time if the financial need ceases, or the daughter or surviving parent cannot maintain the eligibility requirements.

​Applications for grants must be approved by the Board, and such approval, as well as the continuation of the financial assistance under such grants, lies within the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.
  1. The John Edgar Thomson Foundation helped my sisters and I after our father, who was a railroad worker, died in 1961. I am very appreciative of all they did for us.
    Denise Hammer